The Best Sports Videos of 2007

Here they are, the top sports videos and compilations of 2007 according to me:

The crowd at Fenway Park helps a young man finish the National Anthem on Disability Awareness Day:

    The boys took a beating on that one…

    Givin Em’ The Business

    More after the break…

    Fuzzy Zoeller’s miracle shot:

    Bo Jackson was unstoppable in Tecmo Bowl:

    Shaq showing the youngin’s how you do it:

    Top 20 Soccer Misses


    Finally, the Best. Victory. Speech. Ever.

    More to come….


      5 Responses to “The Best Sports Videos of 2007”

      1. seems to me like the kid was doin just fine till the fenway fans interrupted him…

      2. I think it’s fantastic to have more sport to see in American. In Italy the “only” sport it’s the soccer and I hate it! One mounth at year, we have “Giro d’italia” (cycling) and it’s the month when I see the sport in tv 🙂

      3. Some of those soccer clips are from the 80s. One or two particularly the first one are difficult shots and I don’t think should be counted as the Top 20 Worst Misses

      4. […] The Best Sports Videos of 2007 […]

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