The Year in Sports: 2007

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Once you are fully saturated, take a trip over to Fimoculous. They have more “best of” lists than you’ll know what to do with.
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Jingle Bells

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Hat tip: Ryan

The Best Sports Videos of 2007

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Here they are, the top sports videos and compilations of 2007 according to me:

The crowd at Fenway Park helps a young man finish the National Anthem on Disability Awareness Day:

    The boys took a beating on that one…

    Givin Em’ The Business

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    Season’s Greetings: A Holiday Linkdump

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    Here are some interesting articles to read when you no longer care to talk to your family:

    • Over at Exploratorium: The Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception they have some pretty interesting articles about the science of baseball. Topics include:
      • What determines the length of a home run.
      • The proper mechanics of pitching
      • How to find the exact sweet-spot of a bat
      • How to throw a variety of pitches
      • Baseball in Japan
      • Exhibits including, “Can you hit a 90-mph fastball” and “What makes a home run”
    • Smart Football gives the history of the “Shotgun” in football.
    • The Wall Street Journal has an article about how ESPN is being forced to change with the times by, among other things, hiring journalists.
    • Ever wonder what happened to those Chicago Bears: Super Bowl Champions T-shirts after the Colts won? The New York Times has your answer.

      Water Cooler Knowledge

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      What you need to know this morning:

      • Green Bay’s path to the Super Bowl will be warmer now. They’ll say that’s bad news. (NFL Gridiron Gab)
      • The Vikings path to the Super Bowl is non-existent if they keep playing like they did yesterday. (Daily Norseman)
      • The Patriots are better than the Miami Dolphins.
      • Kobe is the youngest to 20,000. I wonder if he was the fastest to however many FGA’s that took? (LAist)
      • Tracy Mcgrady and Yao Ming are hurt….again. Rockets lose to Pistons. (Slam Dunk Central)
      • Roger Clemens had this to say:

      We Have Christiano Ronaldo and You Don’t

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      Photo by AtilaTheHun

      Manchester United 2, Everton 1

      Manchester was able to steal a victory out of an otherwise spotty performance against Everton at Old Trafford this morning.  A moment of individual brilliance combined with a late game penalty, both compliments of Christiano Ronaldo, was enough to pull Man U back within a point of Arsenal atop the table.  Ronaldo’s form this season has been simply ridiculous.  Everton must feel cheated, however, as their form throughout the match was of high-class.  They played attacking football, not simply packing it in on defense as so many visitors to Old Trafford tend to do.  All the same, there’s only one Ronaldo and I’m glad he’s on my side.

      A Map Of Questionable Import

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      The folks at CommonCensus have undertaken the task of “producing maps that show exactly where the fans for each team are located, based on the geographic votes of Internet users.” They are still looking for more contributors to their survey, so, if you have loads of spare time, help them out.

      Their preliminary results prove what no one could have guessed:

      • Teams largest fan support comes from their geographical surroundings.
      • Older teams and successful franchises have fan support around the country.
      • The Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Los Angeles Clippers have barely existant fan support.