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The Pitch: Soccer Knowledge

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  • It has not been a holly, jolly holiday for Newcastle United. (NUFC Blog)
  • Manchester United eased past Sunderland 4-0. Footballocks has the highlights.
  • Chelsea loses Carvalho and A. Cole to suspension; Lampard to injury. Draw 4-4 to Aston Villa at home. I love every second of it. (Premiership Latest)
  • Everton is looking very good this year, winning 2-0 against Bolton. (The Bolton News)
  • Steven Gerrard managed to spare Liverpool the embarrassment of losing to Derby. Too bad. (This is Anfield)
  • Tottenham Spurs may be a solid side now. They destroyed Fulham 5-1. (Caught Offside)
  • David Hirshey anoints Manchester United the early winners of the “Hedonism Cup.”  (Deadspin)

We Have Christiano Ronaldo and You Don’t

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Photo by AtilaTheHun

Manchester United 2, Everton 1

Manchester was able to steal a victory out of an otherwise spotty performance against Everton at Old Trafford this morning.  A moment of individual brilliance combined with a late game penalty, both compliments of Christiano Ronaldo, was enough to pull Man U back within a point of Arsenal atop the table.  Ronaldo’s form this season has been simply ridiculous.  Everton must feel cheated, however, as their form throughout the match was of high-class.  They played attacking football, not simply packing it in on defense as so many visitors to Old Trafford tend to do.  All the same, there’s only one Ronaldo and I’m glad he’s on my side.

Liverpool’s Season Just Got Worse

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The draw for the UEFA Champions League Playoff was conducted today. In a draw full of compelling match-ups, TIP will be anxiously awaiting:

  • Arsenal v. AC Milan
  • Manchester United v. Lyon
  • Liverpool v. Inter Milan
  • AS Roma v. Real Madrid

The good folks at SoccerLens were good enough to liveblog it.

Manchester v. Liverpool

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When a game has to be scheduled midday to discourage rampant alcohol abuse, you know you’ve got a rivalry. Tomorrow marks the next meeting between two of the fiercest rivals in any sport, Manchester United FC and Liverpool FC. It is difficult, as an American, to imagine just how intense it must be. We speak of great rivalries in this country–Yankees vs. Red Sox, Duke vs. North Carolina, Ohio State vs. Michigan, etc–but none of them have reached such heightened levels of animus.

Here are some of the historical highlights of this volatile rivalry via News of the World:

  • Players have been pelted with coins and cell phones.
  • After a Manchester United player, Alan Smith, broke his leg, his ambulance was pelted with bottles and stones en route to the hospital.
  • A United player, Gary Neville, stuck in traffic while in Liverpool, was mobbed. Liverpool fans attempted to overturn Neville’s car.
  • The following year, Neville ran 60 yards to taunt Liverpool supporters following a go-ahead goal. Some wanted him to be charged criminally with attempting to incite a riot.
  • One Liverpool player broke both legs of former Manchester striker Andy Cole in a furious tackle on the six-yard line.
  • In 1973, hundreds of United supporters ran onto the pitch at Old Trafford, attacking Liverpool fans.

I have heard rumors of supporters throwing cups of feces at opposition fans. I don’t know that Yankee Stadium ever takes that tone, even in October. This is a rivalry of unhealthy proportions, but it makes for very compelling television. With that said, I have to get to bed. Midday in England is 8:30 a.m. Eastern. But I will leave you with two chants: Continue reading