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The Hashmarks: NFL Knowledge

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  • Apparently, some people think Phillip Rivers would be better served to keep quiet. (Signal to Noise)
  • Tom Coughlin would be advised to just let this weekend’s drubbing happen. (Giants Football Blog)
  • Jim Quirk will break you. (BallHype)
  • Your week 17 injuries of consequence. (Dr. U Fantasy Football)
  • The NFL is getting into horticulture. (ESPN)
  • The Patriots are still the best team ever. 49ers…not quite as bad as previously thought. (Football Outsiders)
  • No shoe-in’s for coach of the year this season. (NFL Gridiron Gab)

If I Miss the Rams Game tonight, I’m Going to Strangle Someone!

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Apparently, Senator Patrick Leahy is a cable subscriber. He’s willing to review the NFL’s Anti-trust exemption to get Thursday night games in his living room.

Doh..:The Baltimore Ravens Story

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Baltimore’s loss to the hapless Miami Dolphins got me wondering: Which team is more pathetic? Going into this week the Dolphins were the obvious choice. 0 for the season is inexcusably sad. But now? Now that they have won one game they will have no place in the history books. They will always be viewed as a horrible team, but they were never contenders. A first year coach, old veterans, a concussed quarterback and their franchise running back going out for the season made a bad team horrible. But they were longshots from the start. The Ravens, on the other hand, were quite the opposite.

Coming in at number 4 in ESPN’s pre-season “Power Rankings,” the Ravens forecast was sunny. Scouts Inc. predicted them to finish 1st in their division. The good folks at Pro Football Prospectus gave these predictions:

  • Super Bowl Contender (11+ wins): 26%
  • Playoff Contender (9-10 wins): 32%
  • Mediocre (7-8 wins): 30 %
  • Bad Team (5-6 wins): 9%
  • The Brohm Closet (0-4 Wins): 3%

They’ve really outdone themselves. My friends and I have a sound for such accomplishments and it is spelled OOOOOOOOOOF! The losers of eight straight, the Ravens now sit 4-10. If they act now they can escape the “Brohm Closet,” but, with Seattle and Pittsburgh awaiting them, the odds aren’t good.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe losing 13 straight is the more humiliating accomplishment. But expectations play a role in determining exactly how disappointing something is. When I pick up a guitar and play terribly, it may be offensive, but it isn’t disappointing. No one who’s ever seen me play expects to hear Carlos Santana. But if you went to see Carlos Santana and you heard me, you’d throw tomatoes at him. I’d imagine the produce sections in Baltimore are a little emptier today.

On Bobby Petrino and Employee Obligations

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Bobby Petrino is stepping down today as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons to do the same job at the University of Arkansas. The Arkansas job will be his third job in less than two years. He is only the second coach since the NFL/AFL merger–Lou Holtz being the other–to quit during his first season as an NFL coach.

Drawing the ire of many for his vacillations,’s Pat Forde was so incensed that he was moved to call Petrino “the disingenuous drifter,” stating that Petrino, “loves himself, his playbook and his bank account.” Forde was so enraged he, “impeached” Nick Saban and replaced him with Petrino as “President of the Liars’ Club.”

Where does this indignation come from? When did career ambition become something to bemoan? Who, in a similar position to Petrino, wouldn’t do the same?

Bobby Petrino was supposed to be coaching a decent team when he left Louisville for Atlanta. They weren’t likely to make a Super Bowl appearance this year, but they had as good a chance as anyone in the watered-down NFC to make the playoffs, be competitive and improve as a franchise with a new skipper. Then Michael Vick was indicted on federal conspiracy charges. Atlanta is now a franchise with no franchise player, no direction, little promise and at the beginning of the rebuilding process. Abandon ship!

Who can blame this guy. Perhaps he is a little flaky, but shouldn’t he be? We treat team sports jobs as though people owe their employer some type of loyalty because their fans do. What is more ignorant, leaving a team when its future shifts from promising to hopeless, or continuing to follow that team regardless of the incompetent decision making it displays. Granted, Atlanta certainly couldn’t have assumed that Michael Vick career would end up like this, but they should have had a clue about Petrino. The Falcons’ hired a guy whose record vividly displays a propensity for this type of fickleness, now their fans saying they were victimized by Petrino. They were victimized by Arthur Blank and the Falcons’ management.